our roots.

Regina McCoy was adopted as a baby by the loving couple who became her parents.  They continued to foster children in need and as Regina grew up, she saw babies and children come into her home, sometimes in the middle of the night, who were struggling to survive, children with abusive parents, with parents who abused drugs, children who were born addicted to drugs.  Regina’s parents always answered truthfully when she asked questions, and her own empathy and understanding of these children’s plights was strengthened and deepened over the years.  She created SPARKLE! to reach out to those in need, those who cannot help themselves.

“It’s hard to see the darkness, to look at it and really know it exists,” Regina said, “but people are suffering and we just aren’t hearing it.”  Regina has reached out to help others her entire life.  When her dream of creating the Big Slice pouches came true, she saw the perfect way to help raise money for those in need by donating a portion of each pouch’s proceeds to a non-profit specifically created to help girls and women in need around the world.  “Everyone who buys a Big Slice pouch is reaching out and helping someone else.  That’s what I love about it!” Regina said.